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INDIAN CENSUS 2021 | भारतीय जनगणना 2021


The 16th Indian Census or The Indian Census 2021 will be start in 2020. The last Census means 15th Indian Census 2011 attempted to start Socio – Economic- and Caste Status of citizen. These is first time in India Census History. But there are so many caste included in that Census due to the census 2011 depend on citizen declaration but the Census 2021 may be caste Census as per Sate wise Government declaration list.

The Census 2021 data collected by Smart Phone, Already 330000 nos Enumerator enlisted, they will be used their own Android Phone. Although paper options may be available also. First round of Census means house listing started as per previous norm April’2020 to September’2020.

The questionnaire will be arrive in The Census 2021 as below :

Indian Census 2021 will be start :

The National Register of Citizens (NRC), and National Population Register (NPR), the Central Govt. want to linking NPR with Census 2021. The statement followed a conference organized by the Ministry on the status of preparatory work for Census 2021 and NPR update, which was attended by directors of the census operations. The Ministry revealed that preparations would begin from April 1. The Census 2021 will be start as per further notification due to Covid-19 lock Down.

The questionnaires faces the citizen in Census 2021?

More than 30 questions maybe asked by Enumerator as below :

  1. Building Number
  2. Census House Number
  3. Predominant material of floor, wall and roof of the census house
  4. Ascertain use of census house
  5. Condition of the census house
  6. Household number
  7. Total number of persons normally residing in the household
  8. Name of the head of the household
  9. Sex of the head of the household
  10. Whether the head of the household belongs to SC/ST/Other
  11. Ownership status of the census house
  12. Number of dwelling rooms exclusively in possession of the household
  13. Number of married couple(s) living in the household
  14. Main source of drinking water
  15. Availability of drinking water source
  16. Main source of lighting
  17. Access to latrine
  18. Type of latrine
  19. Wastewater outlet
  20. Availability of bathing facility
  21. Availability of kitchen and LPG/PNG connection
  22. Main fuel used for cooking
  23. Radio/Transistor
  24. Television
  25. Access to Internet
  26. Laptop/Computer
  27. Telephone/Mobile phone/smartphone
  28. Bicycle/scooter/motorcycle/moped
  29. car/Jeep/Van
  30. Main cereal consumed in the household
  31. Mobile number

Latest Notification for Indian Census 2021

The Union home ministry is examining ways to conduct Census 2021 and National Population Register in the wake of Covid-19 crisis across India that may lead to shortage of enumerators and census functionaries. The first phase of Census and NPR is slated to be held from April to September. According to home ministry officials, the dates for states which were scheduled to conduct the exercise from April 1
The process of self-enumeration was planned by the Registrar General of India (RGI) for the second phase of Census that will begin from February 2021. “Using mobile numbers, respondents can generate OTPs after which they can log in and fill self and family members’ details in the census population enumeration form.

The reference number generated after filling the form online. The reference number will help to provide to enumerators later.


Census 2021 data collectors have been asked to carry charts with “pre – coded” sub castes that come under SC and ST categories in every state as a result better enumerate the Dalit and tribal population of the country.

The instruction manual of the Census 2021 has a code directory that has enlisted and given a specific code to every SC and ST community in every state and Union Territory (UT). This time every sub caste and tribe has been pre – coded and the data collector will enter the code of the caste in the form, along with the name.

The code will then be scanned as part of post enumeration work which will give a better listing of how many persons belonging to SC and ST communities live in the country, what sort of lives they lead, what jobs they do, and whether they own a TV or a smartphone, among other details.

Census is not just an exercise of head count but should also provide invaluable socio – economic data that can form a credible basis for informed policy formulation and allocation of resources and fulfill requirements of delimitation of constituencies and reservation of seats for SCs & STs.

Census 2021 data would also help to map how many tribal communities in India are vanishing. How many to migrate in the face of depletion in their natural living conditions.

Making the enumeration of SC and ST population in the census more detailed is a good move policy-wise to know which communities have benefited and who have been left behind, and there is also a need for careful collection and supervision of the use of such data


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