Urban Forest Oliver RFID Blocking Light Brown Leather Wallet for Men

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Material : Leather
Colour : Blue
Style : Contemporary
Lining Description : Polyester

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Urban Forest Oliver RFID Blocking Light Brown Leather Wallet for Men – Mens Leather Wallet. Leather is breathable, flexible and generally quite malleable. As it ages, leather develops a patina that complements its overall visual effect. Leather is also resistant to tearing, flexing, puncture and abrasion.

Perfect festival Gifts for Men : This festive season is bringing a smile on face. If anybody gifting this classy and Robust Redwood colored leather wallet for men. It comes in a perfect matte black box and is the perfect solution for men and boys of all ages. Groups on all occasions, such as Diwali Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Puja Gifts, Dhanteras Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Annual Gift etc.
Main Lead : Keep all your essentials neat and organized in this stylish wallet. It is usually a bi-fold wallet with a button closure. The wallet opens to reveal an additional flap. It has 6 inbuilt card slots, 2 currency slots, 1 secret compartment, a coin pocket and 3 transparent windows for your driving license or work ID.

The most distinctive feature of this wallet is inside the Zippered Compartment which gives you enough space to hold important bills or notes.
RFID BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY : Many credit cards, ID cards, etc. are embedded today with Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFID). These RFID chips have personal information on them which can skims using RFID scanners. Our purses properly constructed as a Faraday Cage, which engages your card in a material that intercepts inappropriate RFID scanners for your personal information.
Uncompromising Style and Comfort. The inside of the RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men is as important as the outside, so we use top quality polyester fabric for lining that is both soft to touch and highly durable.

You can get more stylish color of Urban Forest Wallet


1 review for Urban Forest Oliver RFID Blocking Light Brown Leather Wallet for Men

  1. Vaisnavi Sundar

    सामग्री बहुत नरम और हल्के है। कार्ड और सिक्के और अन्य सामान के लिए अनुभाग पर्याप्त है। बहुत सारे सेक्शन हैं। पैकेजिंग अच्छी है। कुंजी श्रृंखला भी उचित है। रंग बहुत सुंदर है। कुल मिलाकर आप इसके लिए जा सकते हैं। स्थायित्व को एक महीने तक नहीं आंका जा सकता है, इसलिए मैं तब तक इसकी वास्तविक स्थिति के लिए एक महीने के बाद समीक्षा को फिर से लिखूंगा।

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