Aimex Heavy Duty 1800W High Pressure Washer with Copper Winding

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High performance copper motor with metal gears and pump and Pressure of 10 bar. Better performance. 1800 Watts Max. powerful copper motor and with Max flow rate 10L/min.
Venturi system, Auto Stop, Self-intake function, Pressure gauge, Variably adjustable fan spray lance, Water filter
6 Months Warranty On Registrations | For any queries please contact Customer Service provided on Warranty Card
Low-noise operation: Auto stop technology switches the motor and pump off automatically when the switch is released

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Cleaning and maintaining your cars, bikes and house is easy and fun with AIMEX 1800W heavy duty pressure washer. This washer can attach to many accessories for fast and efficient cleaning. It can employ in washing your cars, watering plants, bathrooms, windows, floors, air conditioner filters and more.

Aimex electric pressure washer completes your dirty work and will make your life completely easier. Everything will shine and cleaning work will  do faster at times.

Aimex Heavy Duty 1800W Electric High Pressure Washer with Copper Winding with Hose Pipe and Foam Bottle cleaning image

FAQ about Aimex Heavy Duty 1800W High Pressure Washer :

Q. What cleaning solutions can I use in my pressure washer?
A. You should only use detergents that designed for pressure washers. Other cleaners (such as bleach) can damage your pressure washer pump and shorten the life of the machine.
Q. Can I use hot water in my pressure washer?
A. Standard pressure washer to use with cold water. Using hot water in one of these machines can cause a pump to malfunction.
Q. How do I clean a worn tip?
A. Always keep the machine closed and disconnect the spray gun before checking the nozzle. If it is full, you can use a small, thin piece of wire to prevent any obstruction. Then, run water through it again to remove any remaining debris. Connect it to the pressure washer and try again.

Amiex Heavy Duty High Pressure Washer Unboxing and reviews video


Safety Tips of Aimex Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

1. Pressure washer is a great cleaning tool if used properly and safely, never shoot a person or pet with a gun while using your pressure washer, never let the kids around the pressure washer Do not allow to play when it is in use.
2. After closing the pressure washer, always release any pressure by squeezing the gun trigger before disconnecting the hose and nozzle.
3. It is strictly prohibited to use the machine without water. If the water stops during use, please shut down the machine immediately (the machine cannot run without water for more than 1 minute), otherwise it will affect the lifetime and even the machine Will harm.


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