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PUBG Mobile Controller for Android, iPhone

Game pad or Mobile Controller for Android
PUBG Mobile Controller for Android, iPhone
PUBG Mobile Controller. Very useful-Achieve great Ranking-Wonderful Fun-in PUBG

PUBG Mobile Game Controller L1R1 Game Trigger Joystick Game pad for 4-6.5″ iOS & Android Phone.

3-in-1 Game Controller: combines game pads, game triggers, and mobile phone holders into one.
Suitable for all models of 4-6.5-inch mobile phones, for PUBG mobiles, Survival Rules, Survivor Royal, Critical Ops, etc.
Comfortable handle, no fatigue in long-term games, alloy trigger, fire while moving, 4 fingers working at the same time, faster than enemy, gives you a better gaming experience.
The game trigger can be flipped to 180 ° to set the game and operate the screen. This is a specialty of this product.

100% Warranty: Full refund and replacement for the first year. If you have any issues, please contact us via buyer-seller messages

Operating Instruction:

  • Start your game, and press the “Settings – Control – Customize”
  • Move the “Fire” button to the top of left corner
  • Move the “Aim” button to the top of right corner
  • Adjust the Shoot and Aim buttons under the touch pad, of the cellphone game controller
  • “Save” your settings.
  • Press the metal trigger can achieve shooting
  • When the phone is of over-temperature, press

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