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West Bengal Govt. Snehalaya Prokalpa

West bengal government Snehalaya Prokalpa

Snehalaya Prokalpa – The West Bengal Government committed to provide housing to the poor people. So this prokalpa is for those who cannot afford to build their own houses due to financial deficiency. In Vide Memo no. F/2019-2020/0053 dated 13/03/2020 declared Snehalaya Project. After received various complains Government decided to fulfill poor people housing problem.

Content of West Bengal Snehalaya Prokalpa :

  • Aim of the Snehalaya Prokalpa
  • Who are Benefited?
  • Land for house
  • Govt. Contributed Amount
  • Implementing Agency
  • Selection beneficiaries
  • Fund receiving
  • Who supervised the Projects?
  • Administrative expenditure
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